Fuse links

Fuses with breaking capacity aM

Fuses with incomplete breaking capacity aM are used to protect electric motors against the effects of short circuits and overloads. Electric motors are often subject to current surges that can damage or fail, so using the correct fuses is important to protect them. The aM characteristic means that the fuse is designed to operate quickly in the event of large, sudden current spikes, but slowly in the event of a slow increase in current caused, for example, by starting a motor. This protects the device from damage but prevents frequent shutdown of the device during normal use.

We offer both aM fuse-links: cylindrical (8 – 200A) and knife fuse links with rated currents up to 700A.

Cylindrical fuse links:

Wo aM ø14x51mm 690V AC10-40A
Wo aM ø14x78mm 1000/1140V AC8-20A
Wo aM ø22x90mm 1000/1140V AC10-200A
Wo aM ø22x94mm 1000/1140V AC10-200A

Knife fuse links:

Wo aM NH000 45mm 500/690V AC10 - 100A
Wo aM NH1 60mm 400/500/690V AC16 - 250A
Wo aM NH2 60mm 400/500/690V AC315 - 400A
Wo aM NH3 60mm 400/500/690V AC500 - 630A
Wo aM NH1 70mm 1000/1140V AC32 - 250A
Wo aM NH2 78mm 1000/1140V AC32 - 400A
Wo aM NH1 100mm 1000/1140V AC16 - 250A
Wo aM NH2 100mm 1000/1140V AC16 - 550A
Wo aM ø70x100mm 1000/1140V AC550 - 700A

Wkładki bezpiecznikowe o charakterystyce G

Full-range characteristic g of fuses means that the fuse is designed to protect the circuit against overload and short-circuit over the entire current range for which it is intended for use. These fuses are used in installations where it is necessary to protect devices and wires in the electrical network against overload and short circuit in a wide range of current.

Cylindrical fuse links

WTC-gG ø10x38mm 500/690V AC2 - 16A
WTC-gG ø14x51mm 500/690V AC2 - 16A
Wts-gF ø8x50mm 1200V AC0,25 – 6,3A
Wts-gF/gG ø10x78mm 1000/1140V AC0,5 - 12A
Wts-gF/gG ø10x85mm 1000/1140V AC0,5 - 16A
Wts-gF/gG ø14x78mm 1000/1140V AC0,5 - 32A

Knife fuse links

NH000 gG 45mm 500/690V AC16 - 100A
WT-1 gG NH1 60mm 500V AC6 - 270A
WT-1 gG NH2 60mm 500V AC250 - 400A
WT-1 gG NH1 70mm 500V AC25 - 250A
NH1 gGF 100mm 1000V AC16 - 250A